DETECHT are in the business of protecting your business.  

Automated Penetration Testing
Continually Test Your Companys Security Using Our On Demand, Anywhere, Anytime Platform
Insider Threats Data Protection
Incorporating The Use Of UBA
(User Behaviour Analytics).
Cyber Essentials Certification.
With GDPR Inclusion .

No Smoke

Or Mirrors

Specialising in protecting your business.

Specifically working alongside SMEs, we build and maintain your Cybersecurity protection by managing threats and vulnerabilities in a proactive way.

We also provide a protective monitoring and incident response service.

If your are a UK based SME, now is the time to pay attention to your Cybersecurity by working with experts who can help.

Contact us today and find out more about our services and what we can do to protect your organisations data from the many types of threats that exist.

We Combine The Best Of Our Skills and Services To Keep Your Business Safe.

Partner With DETECHT To Receive:

Outstanding Customer Service
Great Cyber Security Solutions
A Complete Managed Service
Clear And Transparent Pricing

Putting you back in control.

These days hackers are continually morphing and changing the way in which they attack so with our finger on the pulse of the cyber security industry, we can keep you abreast of all changes as they occur.

With cyber-crime on the rise and billions of records being stolen every year, failure to protect your company can result in major losses with UK businesses losing up to £1.44bn on an annual basis.

Why take the risk of your business being devastated by not only financial damage but loss of reputation? Once it becomes known that an organisation has lost control of client data, their reputation can become impossible to restore.





A Team Of Passionate Expert Data Protection And Security Specialists.

Breach & Attack Testing Simulation
Put Your Cyber Security To The Test
Cyber-Attack Simulation (APT-Testing)
Insider threats data protection incorporating the use of UEBA
As cyber security experts, we know that many threats to business can come from
With insider-threats on the increase and constantly tougher to detect, prevention is crucial. The good news is that they are often the easiest to deal with.
Cyber Essentials Certification
DETECHT can provide your company with full accreditation in accordance with the Cyber Essentials scheme
Brought together by the Government in league with the cyber security industry, it will benefit your business and give your supply chain partners confidence in who they are working with


Cyber Security and Data Protection

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Cyber Exchange Member