Data Protection Incorporating the use of UBA.

(User Behaviour Analytics) .

As cyber security experts, we know that many threats to business can come from the inside and a peek at the news at any time will prove this.

With insider-threats on the increase and constantly tougher to detect, prevention is crucial.

The good news is that they are often the easiest to deal with.

By bringing into play User Behaviour Analytics (UBA) and applying it to your business, we are able to track, analyse and assess all user data whilst paying special attention to their activities.

This way, if any suspect elements are detected, action can be taken immediately. All data actions will be covered including network and authentication logs, allowing us to identify patterns created by user behaviours; normal, abnormal or malicious.

Armed with this high degree of fully actionable insight, systems can be automatically configured to raise the level of difficulty required to authenticate a user if they show even a hint of suspicious or irregular behaviour.

By having these controls in place and bolstering your internal security and privacy programs, data is provided with crucial protection.

You are then able to decide who should and should not have access to data and where it is best housed.

By using UBA controls, malicious behaviour from the inside can be mitigated. Knowledge is power and by being aware of your employees’ every action, their access to valuable data can be controlled in real-time.




Insider threat cyber security breaches: accidental or malicious?

Security breaches through staff negligence or malicious intent can cause major disruption to your business, resulting in severe penalties and in the worst case, business closure.

The majority of insider cyber security threats are accidental; committed by negligent and careless staff who don’t follow security protocols and procedures. Accidental exposure can be caused by weak passwords, staff falling victim to phishing attacks, unauthorised downloads of infected software, or using public WiFi on devices that they also use for work.

Malicious exposure could be the result of a disgruntled employee or ex-employee who intentionally sets out to harm your business for personal or financial gain. This could include infecting your system with malware or selling sensitive corporate data to a third party.

Insider threat monitoring

UBA technology can accurately monitor user behaviour and distinguish the difference between normal and abnormal activities.

Insider threat monitoring can then be used to identify insider threats and also determine accidental or malicious exposure so you can take appropriate action in light of employee behaviour. It can also enable you to determine if a potential threat is coming from an outsider pretending to be an employee or from an actual employee.

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Insider threats data protection incorporating the use of UBA
As Cyber Security Experts, We Know That Many Threats To Business Can Come From The Inside
With insider-threats on the increase and constantly tougher to detect, prevention is crucial. The good news is that they are often the easiest to deal with.
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